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Science and Engineering Letters

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The copyright for the workshop proceedings as a compilation such as iaser.org/vol-1 is with the respective proceedings editors. The copyright for the individual items (subsuming any type of computer-represented files containing articles, software demos, videos, etc.) within a proceedings volume is owned by default by their respective authors. Copying of items, in particular papers, and proceedings volumes is permitted only for private and academic purposes. The permission for academic use implies an attribution obligation, i.e., you must properly cite the items that you use in your own published work. Modification of items is not permitted unless a suitable license is granted by its copyright owners. Copying or use for commercial purposes is forbidden unless an explicit permission is acquired from the copyright owners. Republication of any “Science and Engineering Letters” proceedings volume or of an individual item inside a proceedings volume requires permission by the copyright owners, i.e. either the respective proceedings editors, or the authors of the respective item in that volume, or both.

Volumes published or to be published

Vol-6 The 6th EEECS2018

Proceedings of the 6th EEECS 2018, Nice, France | July 4-6, 2018
Editor(s): Prof. Cheong Ghil Kim, Namseoul University, Korea
Published: August 31, 2018
ONLINE: http://iaser.org/Vol-6/
Conference website: http://www.iaser.org/eeecs06
Vol-5 The 5th EEECS2018

Proceedings of the 5th EEECS 2018, Siem Reap, Cambodia | Feburary 7-9, 2018
Editor(s): Prof. Kyoung Goo Doh, Hanyang University, Korea
Published: Feburary 28, 2018
ONLINE: http://iaser.org/Vol-5/
Conference website: http://www.iaser.org/eeecs05
Vol-4 The 4th EEECS2017

Proceedings of the 4th EEECS 2017, Dubrovnik, Croatia | July 4-6, 2017
Editor(s): Prof.Sangwoon Lee, Namseoul University, Korea
Published: August 31, 2017
ONLINE: http://iaser.org/Vol-4/
Conference website: http://www.iaser.org/eeecs04
Vol-3 The 3rd EEECS2017

Proceedings of the 3rd EEECS 2017,Okinawa, Japan | January 9-11, 2017
Editor(s): Prof. Kyoungro Yoon, Konkuk University, Korea
Published: Februay 28, 2017
ONLINE: http://iaser.org/Vol-3/
Conference website: http://www.iaser.org/eeecs03
Vol-2 The 2nd EEECS2016

Proceedings of the 2nd EEECS 2016,Qingdao, China | August 10-13, 2016
Editor(s): Prof. Hwang Bo Taek-Geun, Gacheon University, Korea
Published: August 31, 2016
ONLINE: http://iaser.org/Vol-2/
> Conference website: http://www.iaser.org/eeecs02
Vol-1 The 1st EEECS2016

Proceedings of the 1st EEECS 2016,Phuket, Thailand | January 20-22, 2016.
Editor(s): Prof. Youngseup Kim, Dankook University, Korea
Published: Feburary 29, 2016
ONLINE: http://iaser.org/Vol-1/
Conference website: http://www.iaser.org/eeecs01

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